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Applications that run from either CD's or USB sticks

A small hobby-horse of mine - to build up a suite of freeware that will run from a CD - totally virus-proof, simple, effective, personalised and transportable!!! Additional brownie-points go to the applications that do not write anything to Windoze registry, HDD, etc!!
Many others have done much more than I towards this goal - for an excellent example, see John Haller's site, the TechTastic site, the Darkvelvet site,

Here goes!!

CD burner - if you run your life from a USB stick, you better have a good backup system!  
Portable Firefox, or OB1, or even Nettamer!
Portable Thunderbird, or JBmail (recommended)
Portable GAIM, or Miranda IM (recommended)
NVu or FPX (with Windoze), or SeaMonkey  or Trellian (recommended)
Open Office  (Use V2, with OpenDocument support) 
CadSoft7.1, Inkscape, Autosketch 5 on Disk#2, Nov 1999 issue of "PCFormat" issue 101
Spread32,   Treepad,   FilesyncMD5 checker Freebyte ZipPython,  IrfanviewAtlantis
SQLite database engine, and the SQLite database browser

Some other minimalist and portable app websites

Tinyapps   Portable apps 


Metropipe PVPM,   Anonym.OS,   JSC

Live distro's

Puppy linux - Way to go!!,   Zeta and office