Some woodwork projects...

Lindsay Robertson

Note, all designs are Copyright Lindsay James Robertson, 2009

Rocking Cradle

Cradle - Wood is New Zealand Rimu, with linseed oil finish.  Finished just in time!!

Colonial sofa

Colonial sofa - New Zealand rimu, polished and linseed oil.

Coffee table

Coffee table
Coffee table:  Macrocarpa and Fijian Kiva.  Polyurethane varnish.  Constructed about 1990

Coffee cup table.

Coffee cup table - material Customboard scraps, polyurethane.  Constructed about 1986

Childs high-chair and play table

Child's high-chair, can be turned 90 degrees to form play-table and chair.  Material pinus radiata and polyurethane.   Constructed 1987

"Glory Box"  storage chest

UK white pine, with "spar varnish" finish.   Constructed 1981. No visible nails or screws.  Used for transporting houusehold possessions back to NZ from UK

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