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Broad experience and qualifications will bring perspective to large and complex projects, distilling issues and solutions.
Experience of working with diverse and geographically distributed teams, and in a range of environments (including construction, consulting, design, project management, R&D) will ensure quick ramp-up.
Value can be added at all project stages, in either leading or participatory roles, based on familiarity with contractual, tendering, construction and commissioning issues.
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Innovative applications and emerging technologies Identifying, assessing and integrating new technologies to add value to your business. Search, technical and commercial evaluation, contractual issues and IP. Trials, scale-up and full-scale integration.
Energy and power systems Concept design, feasibility studies, detailed design, tendering and client services, independent review of feasibility and other studies. Application to biomass and geothermal heat, cogeneration systems, and a wide range of other power, boiler and combustion plant for renewable and fossil-fuelled energy technologies.
Process and food technologies Concept and detailed design, specification and purchase of advanced processing technologies including separation and drying processes, food engineering and process control.
General mechanical systems Concept design, feasibility studies, detailed design, tendering and client services for mechanical systems and components including material handling, fluid flow, power transmission and component/subsystem selection.
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